Beauty and the Beast (Timeless Fairy Tales #1) by K.M. Shea

My Review-

Once upon a time, there was a handsome prince… no… a handsome illegitimate price who was cursed by an evil witch.

Prince Severin is cursed to look like a beast (a cat like beast, a black cat) and “…his household to wax away and disappear with him”, until a maiden falls in love with him. Severin have lost his hope, no girl will love a beast.

” Attempting the same activity multiple times and expecting a different result is not only pointless but insane too”.

But not his servant’s, they hope that some girl will break this curse.

Kelle’s one mistake, miscalculation made her fall from the rooftop of an enchanted chateau, broke her leg now she have to rely on the chateau’s people. where there is rumour of a cursed on Prince and his servents.

I had few thoughts before picking this book as Disney’s beauty and the beast is my favourite movie, i was afraid that my love for bella and beast would might change but glad i was so wrong. After reading, I fell in love more for this fairy tale.

“You are staring at me” said Severin

“Well…. I was just thinking,” Elle said.

“Of?” Severin prodded

“You look so much like a cat, it occurred to me. Do you have a tail?”

I love the chemisty between elle and severin, to my surprise prince severin is more calmed and understanding and caretaking in this own… ‘prince’ way. Elle is open mind spirit, strong heart, never judging, she knows she will not fall in love with the prince but as the chateau households are match making her with the prince, where will this lead to…..

About The Author-

K.M. Shea is going progressively bald from pulling all of her hair out when she writes.


She has a BA in Print Journalism and a minor in Japanese. She’s worked as a freelance reporter, a librarian, a blogger, and an author. She lives in the country with Perfect Dog and Fat Cat as her companions.

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